Free SEO Tools

Full suite of full-fledged and small SEO tools for on-page optimization and to boost your website traffic

Meta Tag Checker

Analyze meta tags in bulk.

Clickbait Headlines

Generate Buzzfeed & Upworthy Headlines.

Image Alt Text Checker

Analyze all Img Alt Attributes.

301 & 302 Redirect Generator

Redirect your old URL to a new URL.

Domain Redirect Generator

Redirect your old Domain to a new one.

Domain Authority Checker

Check DA, PR, Backlinks & Alexa Rank.

Redirect Checker

Test Redirection Path & check Status Codes

SERP Preview Tool

Create & optimize SEO-friendly snippets.

Title Capitalization Tool

Sentence, Lower, Upper & Title Case

Social Share Checker

Social URL Analytics Tool.

Broken Link Checker

Check URLs for bad Links & Status Errors.

Word Count Checker

Cut & paste or import Text from URL.

WWW Redirect Generator

Redirect from non-www to www and v/v.

Pagerank Checker

PR, MozRank, Backlinks & Social Shares.

Meta Tag Generator

Make Your HTML SEO-friendly.

HTTP Status Checker

Check Response & Status Code in Bulk.

Keyword List Cleaner

Remove Duplicates, Blank Lines & Bad Characters.