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Millions of crawled blogs, emails and social channels at your fingertip so you know what's succesful in your industry & only create content that works

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ContentIdeator is a cross-channel content intelligence solution that gives you data-driven insights into content performance across all key channels. Use powerful search and county filters, competitors' content analysis and impact stats to quickly identify what's working well in your niche. Use this to optimize your own content strategy that actually impacts your audience and much more.

Only create content that's effective

All major social channels and emails
searchable in seconds

Search by keyword, platform, domain or region and find content that resonates with your audience.
Understand your own social impact and discover your competitors content strategy.

Know what returns to expect

Powerful content analysis
for instant insights

Identify quickly what's working well. Benchmark your own and others work against typical engagement rate and average shares per content type or domain.

Newsjack latest stories to elevate your content

Spot trends when they arise

Be first to spot hot topics and trending new content for all relevant social channels.
Filter by country and industry to discover what moves your audience and to stay relevant.

Central place for planning and inspiration

Smarter content strategy
for yourself and your clients

Save all relevant content pieces (articles, forum questions, videos and visuals) to export them later and develop a more impactful content strategy with a data-driven approach.

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